Research Contributions

Refereed Book

  • Mobilizing Communities in Austere Times, edited by The Moss Park Collective: Mary Jean Hande, Jamie Magnusson, Kris Millet, Justin Tai and Sharry Taylor. (currently under review with Athabasca University Press).

Refereed Articles

  • Hande, M.J., Owusu, P., Aubrecht, K., Cloutier, D., Estabrooks, C.A., and Keefe, J. (2024). Towards equitable representation in long-term residential care: Widening the circle to ensure “essential voices” in research teams. Research Involvement and Engagement, 10(34).
  • Chamberlain, S., Warner, G., Andrew, M., Hande, M.J., Hubley, E., and Weeks, L., and Keefe, J., (2022). With COVID Comes Complexity: Assessing the Implementation of Family Visitation Programs in Long-term Care. The Gerontologist: Special Issue on Implementation Science. doi: 10.1093/geront/gnac175
  • Keefe, J.M., Taylor, D., Irwin., P., Hande, M.J., and Hubley, E. (2022). Do long-term care policies support family involvement in residents’ quality of life in four Canadian Provinces? Aging and Social Policy. doi: 10.1080/08959420.2022.2138066
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Deanne Taylor and Janice Keefe. (2021, online). The role of volunteers in enhancing resident quality of life in long term care: Analyzing policies that may enable or limit this role. Canadian Journal on Aging / La Revue canadienne du vieillissement. doi: 10.1017/S0714980821000106
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Janice Keefe and Deanne Taylor. (2021, online). “Long Term Residential Care Policy Guidance for Staff to Support Resident Quality of Life. The Gerontologist: Special Issue on Workforce Issues in Long Term Care.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Aliya Jamal, and Christine Kelly. (2020). Direct Funding and the depoliticization of home care systems: Popular rhetoric and policy directions in Ontario. Canadian Review of Social Policy/Revue canadienne de politique sociale, 80: 26-49.
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  • Keefe, Janice, Mary Jean Hande, Katie Aubrecht, Tamara Daly, Denise Cloutier, Deanne Taylor, Matthias Hoben, Kelli Stajduhar, Heather Cook, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Leah MacDonald and Carole A. Estabrooks. (2020). “Team-based Integrated Knowledge Translation for Enhancing Quality of Life in Long Term Care Settings: A Multi-method, Multi-sectoral Research Design.” International Journal of Health Policy and Management 9(4), 138-142. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2019.123
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Ayesha Mian Akram and Shelley Condratto. (2020). “’All of this happens here?’: Diminishing Perceptions of Canada through Immigrants’ Precarious Work in Ontario.” Journal of International Migration and Integration 21: 711-729. doi: 10.1007/s12134-019-00683-y
  • Mirchandani, Kiran, Mary Jean Hande and Shelley Condratto. (2019, early view) “Complaints-Based Entrepreneurialism: Worker Experiences of the Employment Standards Complaints Process in Ontario, Canada.” The Canadian Review of Sociology 56(3): 347-367. doi: 10.1111/cars.12254
  • Dansereau, Lisette, Mary Jean Hande and Christine Kelly. (2019). “Establishing a Crown Agency Amid Multiple Service Providers: Self-Directed Personal Support Services Ontario (SDPSSO).” Health Reform Observer – Observatoire des Réformes de Santé. 7(1): Article 2. doi: 10.13162/hro-ors.v7i1.3685
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2019). “Disability Consciousness on the Frontlines of Urban Struggle.” Antipode 51(2): 558-578. doi: 10.1111/anti.12499
    Video abstract here
  • Hande, Mary Jean and Christine Kelly. (2015). “Organizing Survival and Resistance in Austere Times: Shifting Disability Activism and Care Politics in Ontario, Canada.” Disability & Society 30(7): 961-975. doi: 10.1080/09687599.1069731

Refereed Book Chapters

  • Marmol, Emil, Mary Jean Hande and Raluca Bejan. (2017). “On Strike in the Ivory Tower: Academic Repression of Labor Organizing at University of Toronto.” In Fighting Academic Repression and Neoliberal Education: Resistance, Reclaiming, Organizing, and Black Lives Matter in Education, edited by Anthony J. Nocella and Erik Juergensmeyer, 179-202. New York: Peter Lang.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Sharry Taylor and Eric Zorn. (2016). “Operation ASD: Philanthrocapitalism, Spectrumization and the Role of the Parent”. In Psychiatry Interrogated, edited by Bonnie Burstow, 81-102. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.



Public Scholarship

Selected Conference Presentations (recent):

  • Hande, M.J., Yavuz, M., Rodriguez, S. (2023). “Can academic research enhance migrant justice in COVID times? Tensions in working towards reflexive, ethical, and responsive pandemic research with im/migrant care workers.” Third Global Carework Summit, University of Costa Rica, June 9.
  • Yavuz, Mehmet and Mary Jean Hande. (2023). “From resolution to transformation: Addressing workplace racialized violence towards im/migrant homecare workers in Manitoba.” 13th Annual International Migration and Settlement Conference, Strangers in New Homelands, University of Manitoba, June 1.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Janice Keefe, Faye Forbes, and Susan Stevens. (2021)`. “First Voices in Long Term Care Research: Critical Reflections on Meaningful Engagement, Voice, and Representation.” Workshop for North American Conference on Integrated Care, Toronto, ON, October 7.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Janice Keefe and Deanne Taylor. (2021). “Promising Long-Term Residential Care Policy Guidance for Staff to Support Resident Quality of Life.” Paper presented at Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting. Online. November 12.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Deanne Taylor and Janice Keefe. (2021). “The Role of Volunteers in Enhancing Resident Quality of Life in Long Term Care.” Paper to be presented e at Canadian Association on Gerontology, Toronto, ON October 23, 2021.
  • Hande, Mary Jean and Mehmet Yavuz. (2021). “Tense challenges and possibilities in times of crisis: Virtual reflexivity and relationship-building in community-engaged immigrant care work research during the pandemic.” Paper presented at Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes, Online, June 1.
  • Kazemi, Sona, Efrat Gold, Mary Jean Hande and Hemachandran Karah. (2021). “Digital Archive/Informal Infrastructures of Care in the World.” Workshop for at Society for Disability Studies. Ohio State University, Online, April 17.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Prince Owusu, Katie Aubrecht, Denise Cloutier, Carole Estabrooks, and Janice Keefe. (2019). “Who Are the ‘Underrepresented Voices’ in Long Term Care Research? Conceptualizing and Addressing ‘Underrepresented Voices’ in a Multidisciplinary Research Project on Long Term Care in Canada.” Paper co-presented with Prince Owusu at North American and European Networks of Aging Studies, Peterborough, ON, May 30.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Christine Kelly, Lisette Dansereau, Katie Aubrecht, Allison Williams, and Anne Martin-Matthews. (2019). “Doing ‘Whatever They Can Imagine’: Exploring the Distinct Roles of Care Workers in Self- and Family-Managed Home Care in Manitoba.” Paper co-presented with Christine Kelly at Global Carework Summit, Toronto, ON, June 11.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2018). “Disability (and) Care in Crisis: Disability Consciousness on the Frontlines of Gentrification and Drug Wars.” Paper presented at National Women’s Studies Association, Atlanta, GA, November 10.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Hiwot Amare, Katie Aubrecht, Allison Williams and Christine Kelly. (2018). “What’s Different about Working under Direct-Funding? Exploring the Shifting Roles of Care Workers in Self and Family Managed Home Care in Manitoba.” Paper presented by co-author Christine Kelly at Canadian Association on Gerontology, Vancouver, BC, October 20.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Aliya Jamal and Christine Kelly. (2018). “Direct Funding and the Transformation of Home Care in Ontario, Canada: Popular Rhetoric and Policy Directions.” Paper presented on behalf of co-authors Aliya Jamal and Christine Kelly at Aging and Society Conference, Tokyo, Japan, September 19.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Aliya Jamal and Christine Kelly. (2018). “The Promise of Mainstreaming Direct Funding in Ontario, Canada: A Textual Analysis.” Paper presented on behalf of co-authors Aliya Jamal and Christine Kelly for Canadian Disability Studies Association. University of Regina, Regina, May 28.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2017). “The Politics of Care and Aging for Disabled Ontarians under Austerity.” Paper presented for the International Association for Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress, San Francisco, July 24.
  • Mirchandani, Kiran and Mary Jean Hande. (2017). “The Hidden Labour of Precarity.” Paper presented for Canadian Sociological Association, Ryerson University, Toronto, June 1.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2017). “Collective, Crip Futurity in the Crisis of Financialized Gentrification: Care Praxis in Toronto’s Anti-Gentrification Organizing.” Paper presented for Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féminstes, Ryerson University, Toronto, May 29.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2016). “Politicizing Disability Care Struggles in Toronto.” Paper presented for Society for Socialist Studies. University of Calgary, Calgary, May, 31.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2016). “The Struggle for Collective Care in Toronto’s Downtown East.” Paper presented for Historical Materialism Toronto, York University, Toronto, May 14.
  • Mirchandani, Kiran and Mary Jean Hande. (2016). “The Emotional Labour of Precarity: Strategies for Recognition and Protection.” Paper for International Labour Process Conference, WZB, Berlin, Germany, April 5.
  • Hande, Mary Jean, Shelley Condratto, Ayesha Mian Akram and Justin Kong. (2016). “Immigrant Workers’ Experiences and Legislative Protections in Canada.” Paper presented for International Labour Process Conference, WZB, Berlin, Germany, April 5.
  • Hande, Mary Jean and Christine Kelly. (2015). “Politicizing Care in Austere Times: Disability, Survival and Renewed Forms of Activism.” Paper presented for American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 23.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2015). “Gaming the Para-Athlete: Neoliberal Inclusion and Accessibility in Mega-Sports Events.” Paper presented for Society for Disability Studies, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, June. 12.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2015). “Operation ASD: Activating the Spectrum, Restructuring the Healthcare Economy.” Paper presented for Canadian Disability Studies Association, University of Ottawa, June 4.

Selected Invited Presentations:

  • Hande, Mary Jean, Shiva Nourpanah, Catherine Bryan, Prince Owusu, and Gabriella Utreras Sandoval. (2022). “Reimagining the Role of Immigration in Nova Scotia’s Continuing Care System.” Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Nova Scotia and Spatializing Care Lab, Saint Francis Xavier University, January. 19.
  • Hande, Mary Jean (invited discussant). (2021). “Embodying Care: Care Work and COVID-19.” Invited discussant for a roundtable discussion for the Global Labour Research Centre, York University, April 23
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2018). “Disability (and) Care in Crisis: Disability Consciousness on the Frontlines.” Invited Presentation for Bold Ideas Colloquium Series, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba, February 16.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2017). “‘Radical Alternatives’ and Revolutionary Futurity: Disability Care Praxis and Class Consciousness in Toronto.” Invited presentation for Senior Doctoral Fellow Luncheon Speakers Series for Equity Studies, New College, University of Toronto, March 24.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2016). “Austerity and Access to Healthcare.” Invited presentation for In What Universe?: Canadian Healthcare & Who It Leaves Behind. Equity Studies Student Union, University of Toronto, January 28.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2015). “Revolutionizing Disability Care Relations in a Time of Austerity.” Invited presentation for Works in Progress Seminar Series, Centre for Media and Culture in Education, University of Toronto, March 13.
  • Hande, Mary Jean. (2014). “Developing a Framework for Research in Action.” Invited presentation for Research in Action: Building Accountable Community Research, Ontario Public Interest Research Group, January 30.